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Keep Your Pet Safe While Moving

Pets-moving-boxes1.jpgMoving is stressful enough for people! Imagine how stressful it is for your pet, who doesn’t understand what the commotion, the confusion and all those cardboard boxes are about! Here are some tips to help ensure your pet’s safety while moving.

Stay Calm! Most pets can sense their owners moods. If you can stay calm, they will be more likely to remain calm.

Moving Day – consider boarding your pet on moving day to keep them out of harms way, and prevent a possible panic escape.

ID Tags – critical to ensure your pet’s safety. The tag should include your pet’s name, your name, and your new address & phone number. If your pet doesn’t wear a collar, put the tag on the cage (hamsters, gerbils) or birds can wear a leg band.

Microchips – make sure your information is current in the microchip system, and that the phone # is your current cell phone number. Your vet can help you with this.

Pictures – keep a recent photo of your pet handy so if he gets loose you have something to show neighbors or post on facebook.

Collars – Make sure your pet wears a collar when traveling in a car or plane and check periodically to make sure their ID tag is still attached.

Pets - leashes.jpgLeashes – keep a chain and leash for dogs to keep them in your yard or especially if you have to wait for a fence to be built. Pack a spare leash. While traveling, never ever let your do off the leash.

Pet carriers – If possible, get them used to the kennel before the big day. Use treats lavishly and keep the kennel a positive place to be. Many pets feel safer in a kennel and will do better with the move in a confined space.

Travel Sickness? – If your pet is prone to travel sickness, be sure you visit your vet a few days before moving to get necessary medications, feeding recommendations and advice on how to keep your pet comfortable during the move.

Records – Do get your pet’s health records from your vet before you travel; get established with a new vet soon after moving. Providing complete records will be helpful for the new vet to provide the best care.

Pet - water dish.jpgWater – Carry water from your old home before embarking. The familiarity will keep your pet calm, and perhaps prevent sickness if they have a sensitive tummy.

Be patient with your pet in your new home. Keep to your old routines as much as possible. Don’t buy new gear for awhile. Your pet will feel much more comfortable with his old comfy things, smells and all. Give your pet a lot of extra love, playing, walking and just being together. Mostly, please be patient!

We hope you have enjoyed this National Pet Month series. National Pet Month takes place April 1 – May 6 2019, with National Pet Day celebrated on April 11th. Watch for other pet-related blogs throughout the year. We love our furry friends!

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