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What Kind of Open House Shopper are You?

Posted by sarahebordelon on May 3, 2019
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openhouse4-compressor.jpgDo you love to browse open houses? If so, you have a lot of company out there! A real estate article in The New York Times recently explored 4 types of open house shoppers – which category describes you?

The Snooper: You already live in the neighborhood, but are curious about the competition in your market. Typically, the snooper arrives in running shoes, no coat, or dressed for a trip to the grocery store.

The Confirmation Seeker: You recently purchased in the neighborhood and want to make sure it wasn’t a horrible mistake!

The Aspirational Buyer: You’re looking to see what a better version of your life might look like. Is much more interested in the furnishings than the utility costs.

Closing.jpgOf note, snoopers, confirmers and aspirers don’t always leave open houses empty handed. Realtors tell countless tales about the curious unexpectedly falling in love with a house and making an offer … when they never expected to buy in the first place. It happens!

By the way, the fourth category of open house shopper is – you guessed it – The Serious Buyer. You can spot them a mile away – they’re usually carrying an armful of folders!

No matter which type of open house shopper you are, please feel free to visit The Seay Realty Group at any of our open houses. You can find out where we’ll be next weekend by visiting our website or Facebook page. We would love to talk houses with you … even if we just discuss the lamps!

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