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Posted by sarahebordelon on January 25, 2020
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When it comes to buying a home, you know that not everyone is going to be looking for the same kind of property. While some people dream of owning a big house complete with a yard, a porch, or a pool, others would prefer the relative ease of a condominium or an apartment. For many, a townhome is the perfect compromise. If your clients aren’t sure what kind of home would best suit them, here are some questions you can ask to help them make their choice.


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  1. How much maintenance do they want to do? People who own a house or a townhome are responsible not just for repairs and upkeep inside the home, but also outside. They’ll need to handle landscaping and lawncare, siding, windows, roof, and more. For anyone looking for a low-maintenance home, a condo or apartment will significantly reduce their upkeep workload.
  2. How much decorative freedom do they want? Those who own their own house can generally paint, redecorate, or remodel to their heart’s content (so long as they don’t violate their HOA). Townhomes usually offer slightly less freedom when it comes to the exterior, but the interior is still fair game. But if your client has the itch to revamp their space, a condominium or apartment may be more restrictive than they’d like. Many condos and apartments limit permanent changes to the space.
  3. How much space do they need? A growing family may be looking for the space that a house would afford, while an older buyer who may be downsizing might prefer a condo or an apartment. A townhome has a smaller footprint than a house, but could still offer multiple floors, a porch for socializing, or a yard for a dog.
  4. What’s their budget? Not everyone is going to be financially ready to purchase a house. If your clients are working with a tight budget but still want to be homeowners, scaling down to a townhouse, apartment, or condo could put that dream within reach more quickly.

Before jumping right into discussing how many bedrooms your clients want, first make sure that you’re all on the same page about what style of home is right for them.

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