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Top Tips for Selling Your Home over the Holidays

Posted by sarahebordelon on December 1, 2019
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If you’re ready to sell your home, there’s no need to wait until after the holidays if you follow these tips from The Seay Realty Group:

  1. christmas-greeneryDecking the Halls. Think modest and general, using fall and winter themes rather than items with religious themes. Use more splashes of red than green … red is an emotionally appealing color. Decorate with fresh greenery when possible. You want the beauty of your home to shine, not your decorations!
  2. Pay attention to curb appeal. Although Texas shrubs often stay green year around, bare trees and brown grass expose more of your home. Do make sure the trim is painted, gutters are clean, front door has fresh coat of paint, and windows & light fixtures are gleaming.
  3. Lights, Camera, Action! With winter comes early darkness. Use this to your advantage – put the lights on in your home to create a warm, welcoming ambience, and brighten the outdoors with outdoor spotlights and exterior lighting.
  4. Bad Weather Prep. Have a showing on a bad weather day? Be prepared! Rainy SnowShovel1Day? Mats, umbrella stands, and a place by the front door for boots will protect your home (inside and out) from the elements. For the rare Texas ice storm, keep a bag of an ice melt product on hand. And for the even rarer Texas snow day, have a plan (and a snow shovel) to keep driveways and walks clear for potential customers.
  5. Make your home cozy to leave a warm impression! Light a fire in the fireplace. Offer homemade holiday treats. Simmer spiced apple cider on the stove. Lavish use of throws on furniture, good scents will make your home a place buyers want to linger. The longer buyers are in your home, the more time they have to notice it’s best features!
  6. Photos. With more and more people getting their first impression of your home online, pictures are more important than ever. Have outdoor pictures taken of your home ASAP, before trees are totally bare and holiday decorations are hung.
  7. Business 01Price it to sell. Set a price that’s fair for your home and neighborhood, based on area comps. Your realtor will provide data to help your find a realistic listing price.
  8. Focus on buyers with a similar deadline to your own.  According to Forbes.com“Many people house hunting during the winter months are doing so because they’re also on a tight deadline. Target buyers who are eager to move ASAP, like those moving to your area for a job or investors looking to buy a new property before the tax year ends.”How do you target these groups? Just ask your experienced real estate agent, who can give you peace of mind so you can actually enjoy the holidays yourself!

These tips offered by The Seay Realty Group, dedicated to service and exceeding your expectations. We have sold homes quickly, over the holidays, for many of our clients. Need to relocate over the holidays? Give us a call today! 

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