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A Pre-Listing Home Inspection? Is it worth it?

Posted by sarahebordelon on August 15, 2019
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We are in a competitive real estate market here in North Texas – that’s no surprise! But if you are contemplating a home sale in the next couple of years, think about having a Pre-Listing Inspection done on your home.

Why would you do this? Well, for one thing, often when selling a home, the buyer has the home inspected and  something is uncovered that kills the sale. Or leaves the seller paying top dollar to get it repaired because they don’t have time to shop around. Or leaves the seller with much less money for their home than expected.

The Pre-Listing Inspection

homeinspection4.jpgWhen selling a home, you want to avoid surprises that might come with the buyers home inspection. The longer before listing you have your own inspection done, the better –  Way before listing if you’ve been in your home for a long time (you’ve been living there so long, you may no longer see the defects!)

The pre-listing inspection might leave you with quite a “honey-do” list of repairs and fixes .. or not. But at least you’ll know the condition of your home and have an excellent resource for deciding what to fix and what to leave.

Another benefit to having a pre-listing inspection done is when pricing your home for sale. Plain and simple, it is much easier to price a home if the condition of the home is known. For example, if an inspection uncovers a foundation issue, you can weigh whether fixing the issue is more beneficial than lowering your sales price because of the defect.

Minimize Negotiations after the Buyer’s Inspection

Business - 3.jpgA common hurdle in real estate transactions, negotiating after a home inspection is done by the buyers, can be quite stressful for the seller. Buyers may ask for inspection repairs that are extensive and potentially costly.

A pre-listing inspection helps you avoid this scenario because you’ve already handled the large repairs. Surprises from the buyer’s inspector report will be minimal, if there are any.

Pre-Inspection – It’s a Good Thing!

While certain situations make a pre-listing inspection undesirable, for most sellers a pre-listing inspection offers too many benefits to ignore. This proactive step puts you ahead of the curve, allowing you to see the path ahead of you much more clearly.

The Seay Realty Group can help you find an inspector for your pre-listing inspection. Call us today! 

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