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Should I Visit my Neighbor’s Open House?

Posted by sarahebordelon on July 6, 2019
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openhouse4.jpgSo, that gorgeous house up the street is having an open house. At least, it’s gorgeous from the outside, but you’ve never seen the inside. And you would LOVE to see it! But, you’re not in the market and don’t want to appear overly curious. What do you do?

Apparently, this is a common dilemma – so common that the question made it’s way to the Southern Living Facebook Group “There’s No Excuse for Bad Manners”:

“Good Evening, Folks! This Sunday, there is a beautiful house that is having an open house as it is up for sale. I am a new home owner so I am not in the market but would love to go inside simply for inspiration for my own home projects. Is that poor form?” — Cassie K.

The Facebook Group responded with a majority YES, DO visit the open house – and we agree! The Seay Realty Group welcomes foot traffic to their open houses – here’s why:

1. So much of our business is word of mouth! If you visit this house and love it, you might recommend it to friends who are in the market or moving to the area.

Dream House.jpg2. Sometimes you stumble onto your dream home and end up buying it! Not your intention, of course, but who doesn’t want to live in their dream home?

3. You can also learn the current practices used to sell a home in your area. If you’re going to be moving in the next year or two, this is invaluable information to have as you prepare your home for sale.

4. Please be upfront with us about why you’re visiting. Be polite and appreciative of the time and effort to prepare the house for viewing. Keep negative opinions to yourself. And please, don’t get in the way of a potential sale.

5. Looking for decorating or remodeling ideas? Open Houses can provide fresh ideas for your own home!

6. Finally, you might just meet a great realtor you’d love to work with in the future!

The Seay Realty Group would love to meet you at upcoming open houses! Visit our Facebook Page to see where we’ll be next! 




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