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How to Test Drive your New Community!

Dallas_skyline_and_suburbs.jpgYOU’RE MOVING TO DALLAS-FORT WORTH!!! And you’re overwhelmed with the many and varied housing choices that abound! Should we live in the city or suburbs? Do we want an apartment, townhouse, condo or home with a yard for the dog (and future kids)? Rural with land, or suburbs featuring schools within walking distance? Yikes – lots of choices!

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, here are a few ways to “test drive” the areas of Dallas (uptown, midtown, suburbs, live-work-play communities, etc) on your short list, so the place you buy is located in the perfect community for you and your family.

Take a Staycation

There is no way to get to know a neighborhood better than living in it. If you can, rent an apartment or even a hotel room for a week or a long weekend in an area you’re curious about. Practice living in the new neighborhood, including commuting, eating, shopping and exercising. Is it fun? Easy? Exciting? Or the total opposite? If nightlife is important to you, grab a nightcap at a local bar. If cooking is important to you, scope out the nearest markets. If outdoor spaces are important to you, take a walk or a jog in the nearest park and see how it feels.

Friends.jpgTalk to Your Friends

Do you know people in the new potential neighborhood? How about co-workers who know Dallas? Ask them what they think about different areas of Dallas. What do they say about the quality of life? The restaurants? The traffic? The noise? The school system? The parks and playgrounds? The commute? If you don’t know people who already live in the neighborhood, how do you feel about making new friends?

Walk the Streets .. or check out the local walking trails

If outdoor living is important to you and your family, be sure to check out local parks, walking/biking trails, and activities like outdoor concerts, festivals and more. Boating & lake activities abound in the Dallas area – how close do you want to live to a lake? You’re moving to a climate that is conducive to outdoor activities year around, so if you plan to enjoy the great outdoors, be sure to research activities that will be available to you.

Foodie1.jpgTaste Test

What is the local culinary scene like? Even if you’re not a foodie, going out to the local restaurants will tell you a lot about the neighbors. Are the restaurants elegant and formal, or hip and casual? Is the food basic or inventive? Are the restaurants expensive or more affordable? Whether the restaurants are empty or bustling on a Friday night – or even on a Monday night – might speak volumes about the habits of your potential new neighbors.

Envision Your New Life

How do you feel about living in the new neighborhood? Does it feel natural? Does it seem like a good fit? What will it be like to come home to this neighborhood every day after work? Is it something you’re looking forward to, or does it seem like a dreaded compromise with which you’ll never really be happy?

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