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Decorating with your Furry Friends in Mind

There used to be a time when space for the family pet was relegated to the outdoor dog house and a dog wash meant time spent with the hose.  As our pets become more and more members of the family, we’re seeing a trend toward home decorating that includes our furry friends. Take a look at trends we keep seeing:

Under the Stairs Dog Den

This is a trend that’s gaining in popularity. A space under the stairs is cozy and quiet for Fido, looks really cute, and is a great use for space that is under-utilized. If you decide to go for it, instructions for building are all over the internet. Proper Planning AND measuring will ensure your under-the-stairs space is suitable for the size of your dog. We found a great sizing explanation on callingalldogs.com

photo by J RecchiaDog Wash Station

We’re seeing dog wash stations showing up more and more in model homes. This dog showers are usually built as part of the laundry room or mudroom and make bathing your pet, or washing off muddy feet, so much easier. Installation runs between $1,000-$3,000 and should include a flexible handheld shower head, a clip on the wall to tether your dog during the bath, and storage for dog wash supplies. A non-slip floor will make Fido (and you) feel more secure! Walk-in showers are best for large dogs; elevated showers are nice for smaller dogs that you can lift. A ramp can be helpful for dogs to access a raised tub.

Pet Doors

Pet doors have been around forever, but they’ve come a long way! Fully automated dog doors open and close based on an ultrasonic tag your pet wears on the collar, triggering the door to open as Fido approaches the door. The doors are mounted flush to the wall, making an unobtrusive opening.

Pets - 13.jpgLitter Box Furniture

This idea is a win-win! Kitties like privacy when using their litter box. Humans don’t like to look at the litter box. Cabinets that look like furniture but have a space to store the litter box, and an opening for kitty to enter and exit, are all over pinterest.com these days! You can create your own litter box furniture in an old trunk, you can purchase furniture pieces specifically made for the purpose or you can re-purpose the bottom portion of a cupboard. Do a search on litter box furniture and you’ll see what we mean!

Pet Rooms

Pet rooms are popping up all over the place and if you have the space, these rooms rock! These are rooms, or parts of rooms, designated for the pet with beds, feeding stations, toy chests and doors or gates to keep Fluffy in. It gets the food bowls out of the kitchen, gives your pet a quiet place to nap, gives you a designated place to put Fido when guests do not prefer the company of animals.

20190225_143517Decorating for the Pets

This is the FUN part about having a pet – decorating! There are signs, pictures, cute hooks, fabric and stencils. Your imagination is the limit when decorating your pet’s space!


Celebrating its 30th year, National Pet Month takes place April 1 – May 6 2019, with National Pet Day celebrated on April 11th. To observe this special month, The Seay Realty Group will fill you in each week on special pet events in our area, businesses that cater to your pets, Animal Rescue organizations and other notable news you can use.

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