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4 Ways to Beat Buyer’s Remorse

Surprise 01You did it! Your offer was accepted on your dream home, you’ve jumped up and down for joy, and called to announce the good news to family and friends. And now … you’re filled with doubt, uncertainty, and perhaps a little bit of fear! What in the world is going on? You were so sure this was the right home, and now, questions are bouncing around your head like ping pong balls. Is it too big/small? Is the yard too big/small. How will I find time to do home maintenance? Will my kids make new friends? Will I? You wonder “what in the world did I just do?”

This is buyers remorse, and its typical for all buyers. Really. Your job now is to overcome buyers remorse (yes, it can be done!) so you can regain the excitement and joy a new home will bring.

You may find these tips helpful:

Review your Initial List. The one you made when you first started this process of why you wanted to buy a home in the first place. Sometimes, a little reminder of why we entered into the process can get you over the Buyers Remorse hump. Did you need the tax benefits? Will your kids attend better schools? Will you finally have space for a craft room? Everyone has their reasons for buying a home, and perhaps its time to review yours.

Decision 01Ben Franklin it. You know, use a pro-con list. Draw a line down the center of a sheet of paper – one column is PRO’s, the other CON’s. Now, start brainstorming. At first, you’ll probably have mostly cons, but think positive and keep writing. Still coming up with all negatives? Do this – for every Con, force yourself to write down a Pro. This idea courtesy of – we thought it was a good one.

Talk it Out. Find a neutral third party you can discuss your fears with. Someone not involved in your buying process. Often, talking it out can clear your mind of the doubts. If that didn’t help you, please remember that Realtors are well-versed in buyers remorse and can be a trusted source to talk things over with. They’ve seen this before, and have ideas for you.

New Home 01.jpgStop. Stop looking at other houses. Stop going to open houses. Stop wondering “what might have been.” Avoid well-meaning friends who will make you question your decision. Don’t feed your buyers remorse frenzy!

Now, smile and relax. You’ve bought a new home! It’s a great feeling!!

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