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5 Great Ways to Decorate an Exposed Brick Wall

Have a room with an exposed brick wall? Lucky you! Not only is the brick itself an irresistible design element, with a few simple tricks, you can amp up the chic factor even further.

Try these suggestions from the experts at American Home Shield.

Brick Wall 2Place an open-backed shelving unit in front of it to allow the brick to show through, instead of opting for a traditional, close-backed bookcase. Keep the amount of items you place on the bookcase sparse to expose as much of the brick as possible, and opt for a natural wood or metal style that melds well with the brick.

Instead of hanging décor, lean large items against the brick wall, like a full-length mirror, framed print or an antique sign. This plays well with the contemporary, urban style that brick walls often exude.

Contrast the rich tone of the brick with vibrant pops of color in the form of a bold velvet settee, a floor lamp with a bright lamp shade, or a few fun throw pillows. The neutral palette of the brick gives you a blank canvas to work with.

brick wall 3Complement the warm red tones of the brick with wood accents and greenery in the form of picture frames and wood-framed furniture, accented by a couple of ferns or ficus trees. This will give your room a warm, rustic and country vibe as opposed to a modern, city feel.

You can also change the look of the room completely by painting the brick. Create a distressed look by using colors or stencils sporadically as you might see in an old warehouse, or make a uniformed statement by whitewashing the entire wall or painting it an unusual color. (Limestone washes are popular these days.) Talk to a paint expert about the best way to prep the brick before painting.

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