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Tweak Your Home for your Student’s Success

The Seay Realty Group sells real estate, yes, but we’re parents too. We polled our colleagues to find out how they tweaked their homes to help their kids be successful students. Here are their suggestions:

student deskCreate a dedicated space for studying. A quiet, well-lit, distraction-free place to study will not only help your student get their work done, it will signal to their brain that this is study time, which will help them focus on the task at hand. Be sure the location has good wi-fi for online research, but also be sure to check in from time to time, to make sure your child is still focused.

Keep a stocked supply cabinet. Designate a closet, armoire, drawer or basket for school supplies, and fill it with the basics … pens, pencils, markers, paper etc. Also keep large project basics on hand so a late night trip to the super-store won’t be necessary – poster board, markers, glue, construction paper, and so on.

Mudroom.jpgCreate a launch pad by the door. This valuable real estate will serve as a place to keep things for school, like backpacks, projects due tomorrow, bake sale treats, lunches, gym clothes and so on. Individual cubbies are perfect, and often provide storage for jackets and shoes, too.

Create a routine for school papers needing your attention. Not necessarily a tweak to your home, but definitely a tweak to the routine! Some parents have a designated “in-box” by the launch pad, some parents go through their child’s backpack daily, others make it part of the after-school snack routine.

Begin a snack station. Designate a basket, pantry shelf or bowl for snacks like granola bars, dried fruit, packs of nuts, and other healthy treats. You can do a similar thing for school lunches – a basket in the fridge with things like drinks, sandwich fixin’s and snacks. Lunch supplies contained in one place will make packing lunches faster and easier.

KidsArt.jpgDesignate a gallery wall. Those all-important art creations and amazing math papers deserve a special spot of recognition. Whether on the fridge, a spare wall, hung on a display wire or on a special Pinterest-worthy gallery wall, your kids will be happy their work is appreciated! Some parents go so far as to photograph their students work to create a photo book at the end of the year … certainly takes care of storage woes!

Wishing you & your students a successful school year!

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