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5 Surprising Things You Can Power Wash

It’s August in North Texas and you know what that means – hot, hot, hot! But you don’t have to spend the summer hibernating indoors. Sometimes, the most fun chores to do when its hot outside involve water!

PowerWash3Do you have a power washer buried in the recesses of your garage? Time to pull it out and put it to good use! While you may think that power washers are just for prepping your home’s exterior before a paint job or cleaning the roof, there are a myriad of ways to use your power washer to get tough jobs done in no time. Try some of the following:

Clean your patio furniture: Trade in the scrub brush and soapy water and make quick work of wood and iron furniture clean-up with your power washer. Just keep the nozzle several feet away to avoid stripping off paint and other finishes.

Banish weeds: Use your power washer to blast well-entrenched weeds out from in between paver stones and slate tiles on your patio, walkways or driveway. This will remove weeds right from the root. Bear in mind, you may need to re-sand between slate tiles that are not placed closely together.

PowerWash2Make stonework gleam: Quickly remove dirt and mildew from stone planters, birdbaths and garden statues.

Clean your deck or driveway: A power washer can quickly clean your deck or driveway for the season, especially good if you’re selling a home and/or preparing your deck for restaining.

Glass tables: Remove the film and stains that accumulate on outdoor glass tables with your power washer, making it sparkle like it’s brand new. Again, keep the nozzle several feet away and watch the pressure. 

Keep in mind, a power washer will kick up a lot of dirt and debris, so be sure to wear old clothing and protective eyewear. It IS August – wear waterproof sunscreen! Also take care not to damage plants and flowers with the force of the power washing spray. And of course, make sure pets and children are out of the area before you begin.

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