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FAST Curb Appeal Fixes for Spring

First impressions ARE important, especially in the real estate market! Buyers have been known to cancel a showing at the curb, if the house looks rundown or unattractive.

Use some, or all, of these easy fixes to spruce up your home for a faster sale (and maybe add value to the price while you’re at it!)

Paint Your Front Door – Something neutral is probably your best choice (even though purple might be your favorite color!). Grey, black, white or beige … or greige … will send the message your home is well cared for before buyers even enter your home.

Landscaping Nursery 01.jpgAdd Potted Plants – Plants can make your space look lived in and well cared for. Look to your local nurseries for ideas and advice. Calloway’s Nursery, Schmitz Garden Center, Strong’s Nursery, and Blooming Colors Nursery are all local and their experts can give you some great container gardening advice.

A complete and thorough cleaning – make sure windows glisten, your front door handles gleam, and your light fixtures are in good shape. A good power washing of the driveway and sidewalks will do wonders!

Mulch – Besides being beneficial for your plants, fresh mulch makes a home look tended to.

PruningTend to trees and shrubs – Make sure trees are trimmed and lifted so your house can be seen from the street. Shrubs should be trimmed and shaped neatly.

How’s your mailbox looking? If it looks like it could blow over in a strong Texas wind, check home improvement stores for a sturdy mailbox that suits the style of your home. Your mailbox should look clean and well-maintained. Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint on the post will do the trick!

The Seay Realty Group is here to help you get your home in the best possible shape for a quicker sale. Call us today!

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