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Halloween For Everyone!

Posted by seaygroupweb on October 16, 2017
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Teal is the New Orange®

We’re almost to that one night of the year where we welcome all sorts of fun and unique characters at our doors. Whether you’re escorting your own trick or treater or the home offering treats- having a safe experience for everyone is important.  Many of us carefully inspect our children’s candy haul looking for unwrapped or unsafe items.  But some parents are looking even harder at ingredient labels.  

It’s this concern that prompted the 2014 F.A.R.E (Food and Allergy Research Education), launch of The Teal Pumpkin Project® in order to educate others about the dangers of food allergies.   This world wide movement has enabled a safer Halloween experience for so many families.

Participating in the campaign is easy for anyone wanting to include children that cannot partake in many of the candies offered.  Simply place a teal pumpkin by your door, and provide inexpensive alternatives to support The Teal Pumpkin Project® initiative.  By offering inexpensive items like glow sticks or small token toys, you’ll be helping the children of your own community needing an alternative.  Here’s a list of suggested treats provided from the F.A.R.E. Website:


  • Glow sticks, bracelets, or necklaces

  • Pencils, pens, crayons or markers

  • Bubbles

  • Halloween erasers or pencil toppers

  • Mini Slinkies

  • Whistles, kazoos, or noisemakers

  • Bouncy balls

  • Finger puppets or novelty toys

  • Coins

  • Spider rings

  • Vampire fangs

  • Mini notepads

  • Playing cards

  • Bookmarks

  • Stickers

  • Stencils


Learn more about food allergies from F.A.R.E here  or at

*Photos and information courtesy of F.A.R.E.


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