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Green Energy gains “power” in North Texas! 

Posted by sarahebordelon on September 13, 2017
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GreenEnergy4In July 2017, the Environmental Protection Agency recognized the cities of Houston, Dallas, and Austin for being among the largest green-power users among local governments across the nation.  Austin is also the largest city in the country to have 100% of all city-owned buildings and facilities powered by renewable energy resources.  And now JP Morgan Chase announced this month that in Texas, 75% of JPMorgan Chase’s facilities will run on wind energy by the end of this year. That covers 584 branches and 8 million square feet, including a new 1.2 million-square-foot Plano campus. This announcement is in addition to the General Motors assembly plant in Arlington which will be the first facility of its kind powered entirely by wind energy by year end 2018.  Facebook’s new data center in Fort Worth is also powered by a wind farm about 90 miles away.  And 7-Eleven announced in April 2017 that it would buy wind energy for 425 Texas stores in the state’s competitive energy markets.  IKEA also has rooftop solar on 90% of its US locations, including the newest Grand Prairie location.  Toyota’s new headquarters in Plano will be partially powered by the sun, with an estimated 25% of the building’s energy needs supplied by onsite solar panels. Green energy is gaining “power” in North Texas!

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